Do you want to:

  • Build deep, powerful connections with women you find attractive?
  • Express yourself fully and honestly to the women you date?
  • Overcome your fears of dating attractive women?
  • Date more women than you ever thought possible, starting this week?
  • Remove the internal fears that are holding you back in your life?

Our coaching is designed to help men who lack confidence with women. We don’t teach gimmicks or pick-up techniques. Instead we focus on helping men build powerful, authentic connections with women through honest self-expression. It is about building a solid sense of self-esteem, true self-confidence and the courage to take action with the women they like.

Our coaching consists of one-to-one tuition and guidance from one of our two coaches, Tom and Foysol. As well as dealing with the practical matter of actually approaching, conversing and dating women, we take a wholistic approach to help men address deeper issues like lack of self-esteem, fear of failure, dependence on external validation, and any other sticking points that is stopping them from becoming the best version of themselves, especially in their relationships with women.

What we teach in our coaching programmes is a culmination of our own experiences of meeting and dating women in everyday situations and the ups-and-downs that come with it. We love what we do, and we have had many great and memorable experiences with women that we have met in random and spontaneous situations, simply as a result of having some courage and taking action. Meeting women in this way and generating some truly amazing experiences is far more powerful, genuine and fulfilling than dating through Tinder or online.

What you will learn and practice:

  • How to build solid self-confidence in your dating life and with women in general
  • Why you don’t need tricks or tactics to attract women
  • The courage to express yourself honestly to a woman you find attractive
  • Why rejection isn’t a big deal and how to overcome any fears or negative mindsets you have about it
  • What makes a man attractive
  • The power of being honest and congruent with people
  • How to approach, converse with (and potentially date) women you see on the street
  • The importance of outcome-independence
  • How to be your true, attractive and confident self around women
  • Practical ways to develop your confidence and social skills
  • How to create a sense of comfort and relaxation in your conversations
  • Understanding why getting a phone number doesn't result in going on a date and what to do about it
  • How to text a woman and arrange a date

To book a free consultation contact Tom on 07506378571 or use the contact form.

8-Week Transformation Programme

The 8 week transformation is our flagship coaching programme designed to take men from where they are now to where they want to be in 8 weeks of one-to-one coaching. We will address all points listed above as well as points that are specific to each individual.

Why choose the 8-Week Transformation?

  • No gimmicks or pick-up tricks. This transformation is about becoming more confident being yourself with women, without unnecessary theories and techniques
  • A careful balance of practical demonstrations and exercises, and introspective inner work
  • A distillation of our experience dedicated to personal development and confidence work
  • A lasting increase in confidence that you can take into all areas of your life
  • Opportunity to meet and date attractive women in London starting straight away
  • One-to-one guidance from an expert coach, and a coaching programme designed around your personal needs and abilities – we can go as fast or as slow as you like
  • Powerful inner change to build a better relationship with yourself

How does the coaching work?

11th October 2019

Cam's Transformation: Ep.1

In the first session, we show Cam how simple it is to exercise and build our social muscles by just freely talking to people. You'll see how it's not really awkward or daunting, and when we guide him through the process it's actually a hell of a lot of fun ;)

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied with the coaching, for whatever reason, just let us know after your first session and you’ll promptly receive a full refund. No questions asked.

We have no problem making this sort of promise. Why? Because we’ve helped so many people and received positive feedback, so we’re confident that it’ll be of benefit to you too.

This guarantee means you can experience a full, True Social Flow coaching session completely risk-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a lot of anxiety and fear around women and this coaching sounds daunting. Is this really for me?


I totally understand how daunting it can feel when you decide to start the process of facing your fears with women. I was once in a very similar position. Just speaking to a girl made me nervous. The coaching is designed specifically for guys like that. I promise that the coaching is done at a pace that suits you. I don’t think its beneficial to jump way out of your comfort zone straight away. The best long term approach is always to push the comfort zone gradually and take baby steps. The most important thing in my opinion is to enjoy the process. That means it needs to be challenging but not daunting. The exercises that we do in the coaching are designed around your current level of confidence – if you are feeling particularly anxious around women then we will start off with very basic exercises and progress at a pace that suits you.

Do I really have to do this? Can’t I just read about it?


You don’t HAVE to do anything. But if you want to become confident with women and create an abundant dating life then the absolute best way is to take practical steps to face your fear. You can read e-books all you want, but at some point you will have to step into the arena and actually do it. The job of a good coach is to hold your hand and support you in that process.

How much does the coaching cost?


A single 2-hour coaching session costs £120. Considering the majority of dating coaches our there can charge thousands, and that this coaching is transformational and life-changing (I’ve had students tell me it was the best investment they ever made) I think that price is incredibly reasonable. We also offer discounts for blocks of multiple sessions, but we can discuss that in-person.

What if I don’t like the coaching?


We offer a full 100% 30 day money back guarantee. I am so confident that the coaching provides incredible value that I am willing to give you a full refund if you feel that the coaching wasn’t valuable to you. So far, in 2 years of coaching, we have never had a student ask for his money back.

What secure payment methods do you accept?


All payments are handled by Paypal or via bank transfer which are secure third-party payment systems.

Book a Free Consultation

Taking a free consultation is the first step in the coaching process.

In the consultation we will discuss your needs and how our coaching can be best tailored to address them. You will gain a better understanding of our method of coaching, get to know us personally, and start to envisage how our coaching can improve your life. It’s a great chance for you to ask any questions you have about our coaching. We will also discuss pricing and, if you decide to go ahead with coaching, we will arrange a time, date and location for our first session.

The consultation is completely free, and there is no obligation to continue into paid coaching, so there really is nothing to lose, but potentially a lot to gain.

To book a free consultation contact Tom on 07506378571 or use the contact form below.