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Do You?

  • Want more confidence with women
  • Want to meet women naturally in everyday situations
  • Want to go on more dates with women
  • Want to become confident expressing your interest in a woman
  • Want to develop more confidence in all areas of your life


We don’t teach gimmicks or pick-up techniques. Instead we help men build powerful, authentic connections with women through honest self-expression.

Honesty and Courage

Build the confidence and courage to express yourself honestly and discover how simple and powerful it can be.


We believe the world is simple but making lasting change can be difficult. We focus on taking simple, practical steps instead of indulging in over-complicated theories.

Resistance to Rejection

The fear of rejection is one of the biggest sticking points we see among men. We show you how to overcome it.

What you will learn and practice:

  • How to build solid self-confidence in your dating life
  • Why you don’t need tricks or tactics to attract women
  • The courage to express yourself honestly to a woman you find attractive
  • Why rejection isn’t a big deal and how to overcome any fears or negative mindsets you have about it
  • How to be your true, attractive and confident self around women
  • Practical ways to develop your confidence and social skills
  • And more
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Latest Videos

11th October 2019

Cam's Transformation: Ep.1

In the first session, we show Cam how simple it is to exercise and build our social muscles by just freely talking to people. You'll see how it's not really awkward or daunting, and when we guide him through the process it's actually a hell of a lot of fun ;)

26th May 2019

How to Overcome Low Self-Esteem and Speak to People

Tom demonstrates how you can build self-esteem and confidence through a simple social exercise. He breaks down the exercise into baby steps so you can start today even if you are feeling demotivated or depressed.

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12 February 2020 by Foysol Meare

Outcome Independence: The Art of Not Giving a Shit

"Sophie's not really interested in having sex anymore..." said Jack, his body-language and tone following, as the conversation changed course. We'd been catching up over drinks. Six months is a long time for busy guys, but although unexpected, this wasn't surprising. Jack was only confiding this relationship secret to me because he wanted a solution. But before I reveal that, it's important we take a brief detour...

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21 January 2020 by Foysol Meare

Honesty in Dating & Relationships: Part I

Everyone knows that honesty is critical for successful dating and relationships. It feels like something you should definitely be doing. But often people don't know why it's important and how to be honest. Without understanding these details, 'honesty' becomes a vague, blurry concept. Actioning it with consistency becomes impossible.

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29 November 2019 by Tom Olsen

Improvisation: An Invaluable Way to Build Self-Confidence

Improvisation is an acting technique that involves no planning - just off the cuff acting. There is no script, no plan, no expectations. You make things up as you go along. I was introduced to improvisation by chance when I attended a random Improvisation meetup group a couple of years ago (I often try out random meetup events on a whim to experiment and see what 'gems' I can uncover).

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